• Ceramic Water Filters
    and Filtration Systems

  • Works Anywhere
    In The World
  • Giving You Clean,
    Safe Drinking Water
  • Straight From
    Your Tap

Why Use A Coldstream Filter?

Easy to
and use

Unique high performance ceramics

Removes 99.9999% of bacteria and bugs

Energy efficient manufacturing in the UK

The Good and Bad -
What's in our Water?

Your water contains healthy salts and electrolytes but may also have contaminants that must be removed to make it safe and taste great.

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How The Coldstream
Water Filters Work

Coldstream make efficient, easily cleaned, all in one filters to remove contaminants whilst retaining healthy salts and electrolytes.

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Filtration Systems

Coldstream filters can be used a range of systems ideal for the kitchen or whether there’s pressurized water or not.

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Made in the United Kingdom

All Coldstream ceramic water filters are made in England to the highest standards, using advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver safe, great tasting water time after time.